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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Behind the Scenes of TANE’s Fall/Winter 2011 Photo Shoot

TANE is taking a break from design, to shoot the Fall / Winter 2011 collection.  We are incredibly thankful for the collaboration of David Lazarus Photography, a creative partner since the inception of TANE organics.  Dave understands the aesthetics of TANE products effortlessly and his creative contribution to the process is invaluable.  On a rainy […]

Inside the Designer’s Studio: Part Three

At TANE organics, using the most luxurious fibers is key to designing our products. We take inspiration from the softness of the organic cotton to design our signature fabrics, such as jersey, pointelle and variegated ribs. Colors are also a huge influence in choreographing the various core shapes. The key to great design lies in […]

Inside the Designer’s Studio: Part Two

TANE believes that the creative environment is an important part of the artistic process.  The tranquility of the studio allows TANE’s creative staff the space to holistically consider all facets of the design process.  The studio includes both modern furniture as well as antique objects which exemplify the modern yet timeless aesthetic.  The natural light […]

Inside the Designer’s Studio!

To celebrate the relaunch of the TANE organics blog, we are delighted to devote a series of insights into the designer’s studio. The TANE aesthetic is inspired by the beauty of intentional designs that last through time, designs that are consistently modern yet timeless. The simplicity in TANE’s design evokes elegance and grace, coupled with both precious […]