Tane Organics

TANE organics

TANE organics believes that the purest, most luxurious natural fibers should be enveloping your newborn and toddler.

The emphasis on design with thoughtful construction and details provides a comfortable fit while maintaining performance through time and play.

Simple, easy shapes with attention on detail and texture offer a sophisticated system of dressing that is both versatile and unique.

by design

TANE, which means seed in Japanese, took inspiration in the iconic kimono shape. The collection embraces clean lines and modern wardrobing.

" Inside Out. Upside Down... "

TANE organics' Fall / Winter 2018 collection embraces the thrill of the unexpected elements. We took clues from the unusual, the often hidden details and translated these humble exposures into dominant beauty. Frayed, tattered, and exposed seams are prominently designed, intentionally juxtaposing optical illusion of positive and negative. Asymmetric color blocks entertain playfully while jagged patchworks emphasize whimsical imperfection. Bold contrast lines framed the edges, providing a naive yet refined aesthetic. Irregular pockmarked surfaces resonate authenticity. Colors are pure and raw, yet balanced. Hand crocheted loop stitch awakens the creature within, inviting us into a fantastical childhood world of mist and shadow. Imperfection has no limits and can be hauntingly beautiful.

" There is no beauty without some Strangeness...edgar allen poe "

TANE continues to draw inspiration from lost heirloom techniques, while applying and reinventing details with a modern twist. This unique design DNA, with multidimensional inspirations, is the foundation of our distinctive look.

To create a thoughtfully designed collection that demonstrates the beauty in natural fibers, and celebrates the attention on quality and details, providing timeless keepsakes for your precious little ones.- TANE organics

luxurious natural and organic fibers

ImageThe fabrics that come closest to your baby's skin should be as chemical free as they are durable- fit pregnancy

Using 100% certified organic cotton, the fibers are grown without the use of pesticides. Organic fabrics contribute to the health of the environment by eliminating dangerous chemicals and metal, allowing only the use of non allergenic, non-metal, and with minimal impact on the soil and ground water. Using GOTS certified low impact dyes; fabrics and yarns are Azo dioxide free, and finished in a nontoxic process. In addition to minimize toxic exposure, eco-fabrics last longer. They are beautiful, high quality garments meant to endure, and they are healthier for the planet, which our children will inherit.

connection and awareness

TANE organics believes in solid connection with commitment to personal interaction and service. TANE believes the customers are just as important as those who crafted the garments. The connection with Peruvian artisans supported by fair trade practices echoes TANE organics's commitment to the planet and its people. TANE celebrates this collaboration by assuring artisans are paid fair trade wages, and takes pride in mutual creative exchanges. Every purchase supports the vision of a cleaner, kinder earth. By supporting domestic production means keeping jobs and manufacturing local. Intentional selection of partnerships assures meaningful and positive production footprints.

great design

By choosing quality natural fibers, and consciously studying and designing into the materials, Great Design will inevitably derive from the process.

In the garden of life, big things grow from small beginnings.