Tane Organics

TANE organics

TANE organics believes that the purest, most luxurious natural fibers should be enveloping your newborn and toddler.

The emphasis on design with thoughtful construction and details provides a comfortable fit while maintaining performance through time and play.

Simple, easy shapes with attention on detail and texture offer a sophisticated system of dressing that is both versatile and unique.

by design

TANE, which means seed in Japanese, took inspiration in the iconic kimono shape. The collection embraces clean lines and modern wardrobing.

Whooo...are you?

A hypnotic tale full of characters and fantasies, Alice in Wonderland is timeless and a treasured classic. TANE's Spring / Summer 2016 collection is inspired by this magical tale. Dreamy pointelle dresses adorned with sweet details host a tea party with dancing rabbits in print madness. Artfully knitted chevrons and crafted illusional stripes compete in a match for your attention. Playful suit of onesies march to an imaginative beat, while unconsciously we drink in the fresh perspective of the mesmerizing mushroom print! Wonderfully delightful, and masterfully curated, TANE organics continues to deliver heirloom quality children's clothing with a modern twist.

We're all mad here...

To create a thoughtfully designed collection that demonstrates the beauty in natural fibers, and celebrates the attention on quality and details, providing timeless keepsakes for your precious little ones.- TANE organics

luxurious natural and organic fibers

ImageThe fabrics that come closest to your baby's skin should be as chemical free as they are durable- fit pregnancy

Using 100% certified organic cotton, the fibers are grown without the use of pesticides. Organic fabrics contribute to the health of the environment by eliminating dangerous chemicals and metal, allowing only the use of non allergenic, non-metal, and with minimal impact on the soil and ground water. Using GOTS certifi