Tane Organics

TANE organics

TANE organics believes that the purest, most luxurious natural fibers should be enveloping your newborn and toddler.

The emphasis on design with thoughtful construction and details provides a comfortable fit while maintaining performance through time and play.

Simple, easy shapes with attention on detail and texture offer a sophisticated system of dressing that is both versatile and unique.

by design

TANE, which means seed in Japanese, took inspiration in the iconic kimono shape. The collection embraces clean lines and modern wardrobing.

" Connect the dots "

Rounded silhouette, gently sloped, and volume have all been characteristics of TANE organics' inspirational DNA. We celebrate this design sensibility for Fall / Winter 2017, by playing with the iconic shape of a sphere. Throughout history, this celestial geometric shape has influenced all cultures, in nature, as well as by design. TANE connects this motif by continuing exploration of easy shapes, volume of space, and bespoke details. Exaggerated rounded pockets whimsically hug and adorn, while subtle curves turn and flow quietly. Floating dots appear both within a print, as well as dotting surfaces, modernizing this beloved spot. Crochet pompoms lyrically dance as accents, enchanting the audience, while the introduction of brushed heather pima cotton soothes the soul. Colors are kept raw and ecological, allowing the eyes to follow the bold lines and discover the unexpected. This intuitive design speaks to the trademark of TANE organics, a highly thought after brand of uncompromising quality in luxurious styles evolving modernity with heirloom craftsmanship.

Recognized for modern clean lines with minimal details, and bespoke craftsmanship, TANE continues to deliver luxurious styles finessed into poetic practicality.

" So spot on... "

To create a thoughtfully designed collection that demonstrates the beauty in natural fibers, and celebrates the attention on quality and details, providing timeless keepsakes for your precious little ones.- TANE organics

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