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TANE organics – I AM THE WORLD campaign
I Am The World Globe
I Am the World Globe 8"$48.00

2010 marks the inception of TANE organics’ vision of the I AM THE WORLD campaign. Each season, a specially designed product will be dedicated to this campaign, where 100% of sales from the item will be allocated to the REMOTE CLASSROOMS INTERNATIONAL - RCI foundation, in conjunction to funding local organizations focused on children's education.

TANE organics has designed an 8" crocheted globe rattle using 100% organic cotton. Each numbered and limited edition globe is hand made by artisans in the hills of Arequipa, Peru. Crafted with a rattle inside, this eight-inch globe celebrates the joy of childhood, the playfulness of a simple design, and the closeness of the world in our hands. Enjoy, celebrate, and share our vision of making education possible for all children with a passion for learning.

The REMOTE CLASSROOMS INTERNATIONAL foundation is initiated with the hope of bringing education to children living in rural areas, where the basic fundamental of learning is impossible or too challenging, due to location and/or poverty.

TANE organics, in setting up the RCI foundation, believes that every child deserves an education, no matter how remote, how hidden, how isolated the child’s immediate surrounding is. RCI, in collaboration with local organizations, will bring education and learning to all the children who share in the passion of learning. No child will be turned away, if there is a desire, a will to learn, regardless of location, regardless of circumstances. RCI will connect with local organizations that best know and is familiar with the infrastructure and landscape of the locations. Each local organization will go through thorough interviews and present records for the organization to qualify in receiving funding for their work. Organizations with emphasis in providing children’s education will be focused and approached diligently. The vision is to collaborate slowly but deeply, ultimately, nurturing the growth of education within a small community.

Your purchase will impact the future of a child, of a community, of the world. Please join TANE in sharing this vision by providing alternatives in changing our collective future.

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