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I Am The World Globe
I Am the World Globe 8"$63.00

- connection by design

TANE organics believes that all children with a desire to learn deserve an opportunity to learn. By providing alternatives we can change our collective future and end the cycle of poverty.

TANE organics is proud to share our vision of bringing education to children living in rural areas with our contribution to Free the Children.

Free the Children is an international charity and educational partner with a vision of a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.

We share their overarching mandate and embrace their unique operations of both domestic and international programs in a manner intended to be interrelated and mutually reinforcing. We especially love the focus on encouraging children to impact other children. Their model of youth empowerment and international developments is built on the understanding that the world we share brings us together. The lives of children and families in communities overseas are improved, while young people are empowered to realize they can change the world. Read about their Five Pillars of development programs, and learn more about their work at www.freethechildren.com.

The TANE organics 8” hand made crochet globe rattle in 100% organic cotton celebrates the joy of childhood, the playfulness of a simple design, and the closeness of the world in our hands. Enjoy, celebrate, and share TANE organics’ vision of making education possible for all children with a passion for learning.

10% of every sale of the I am the World Globe will be donated to Free the Children, WE Charity. Together ME + WE.

Your purchase will impact the future of a child, of a community, both local and abroad, and of the world.

Thank you for sharing TANE organics' vision.